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Project - Wedding Party Favors Your Guests Will Adore

Do you have small pieces of paper, snips of trim and other craft scraps left over from another project? You can make personalized wedding party favors your guests will keep forever. Even the tiniest bit of fabric can turn an ordinary item into a darling brooch, pocket treasure chest or homage to something wonderful. Try your hand at altering a matchbox with these step-by-step project instructions. ~ by Kim M. Bayne

a few supplies you'll need
Personalized for the Mother of the Bride

Materials & Tools List
  • Cardboard Matchboxes, like Strike On Box Matches 32 count by Diamond Brands

  • Paper Trimmer, like Fiskars 12" Portable Paper Trimmer Item #95987097

  • Good Pair of Comfortable, Teflon-like Coated Scissors for Cutting Tape, like Armada Velvet Touch Scissors
  • Tacky Double-sided Tape, like Art Accentz Terrifically Tacky Tape Roll in 1 & 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch widths, by Provo Craft

  • Sticker Paper for Making Glitter Lace Paper
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  • Purple Fabric Ribbon, like 5mm (3/16 inch) wide 100% Polyester Spool O' Ribbon by Offray

  • One Bunch of Small Artificial Flowers in Lavender, like Modern Romance Item #MR6975-79 by Hirschberg Schutz & Co.

  • Wire Wrapping Stick, like a Mandrel from the Wire Worker Set by Artistic Wire

  • White, Thick and Tacky Paper Crafting Glue, like Aleene's Tacky Glue

  • Metallic Acrylic Paint, like Dazzling Metallics in Purple Pearl by DecoArt

  • 1/2-inch Wide Foam Brush for Applying Acrylic Paint

  • Hand Held Paper Punch, like 1/8-inch Round Punchline Punch Item #52400 by McGill

  • Strands of Tiny White Faux Pearls (Plastic), like 4mm White Pearls by Darice

  • Small White Plastic Imprinted Beads, like Alphabet and Heart Beads by Crafts Etc.

  • Small Wooden Purple Button for Embellishing Inside of Matchbox Tray

  • Small Wooden Bead for Creating a Tray Handle

  • Flower-shaped Sequin in White or Lavender

  • Jewelry Pin Backs, like 1/4-inch Nickle Plated Steel Pin Back Item #1880-61 by Darice

    a few supplies you'll need
    Some of the Supplies You'll Need

    The Steps
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    1. To determine the size of your decorative paper, measure the length, width and height of your matchbox. I used different matchboxes for this project but I strongly recommend Diamond Brands. Diamond's cardboard is sturdier than other matchboxes, making it the best choice for crafts applications.
    measure your matchbox

    2. Cut your sticker paper to the size needed for wrapping around the box. Use the sticker paper to make glitter lace paper in purple and silver.
    cut your sticker paper

    3. Apply double-stick tacky tape around the sleeve of the matchbox, covering most of the surface.
    apply tape to the matchbox

    4. Remove the backing on the tacky tape. Wrap the glitter lace paper around the matchbox, taking care to align the edges.
    wrap the paper around the matchbox

    5. Use a small piece of tape to adhere the end of the glitter lace paper to itself.
    use tape to adhere the paper end

    6. Trim any paper that extends beyond the box edges.
    trim extra paper

    7. Tape or glue the fabric ribbon around the box ends.
    glue ribbon on box ends

    8. Select a flower and leaf from your artificial flower bunch. Hold the petal and leaf tops together and twist a few times around each other. Tightly wrap the individual stems around the shaft of a wire wrapping tool.
    wrap flower stems around stick

    9. Glue the flower on the front of the matchbox sleeve.
    glue flower on box

    10. Paint the matchbox tray both inside and out. Paint it twice, allowing it to dry between coats. The picture shows a sampling of colors.
    paint matchbox tray

    11. After the paint has dried, punch two small holes in a short side of the matchbox tray. This is where you'll fashion a handle for opening your treasure box. You may have to squeeze hard to punch through the tray if the cardboard overlaps.
    punch holes in tray

    12. Glue the pearl strand to the inside of the matchbox tray, around all four corners.
    glue pearls in tray

    13. Wrap the stem of another flower around the wire tool. Glue the flower inside the tray. Glue a small button, alphabet and heart beads, and/or other embellishments inside the matchbox tray.

    14. Thread a flower stem or piece of wire through a wooden bead and the tray holes. Twist the wire ends loosely to avoid tearing the box holes. You now have a handle to pull open the matchbox drawer.
    attach bead for drawer pull

    15. Glue a pin clasp to the back of the matchbox. After the glue has dried, you're ready to wear your miniature art creation.
    attach bead for drawer pull

    Project Tips
  • If you're making several matchbox pocket shrines for wedding favors, simplify your design for faster assembly.

  • Excessive handling may cause glitter to rub off on your hands. You may wish to spray your glitter lace paper with an acrylic matte sealer before attaching the paper to the box.

  • Once you've applied the glitter lace paper to the tacky tape, it's on for good. Don't try to reposition it or you'll tear it and/or the matchbox.

  • If punching holes in the tray is too hard or frustrating, forget about it! Glue your wooden bead to the outside of the tray instead.

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  • Most project photos on this page were taken with a 5.0 MP resolution KODAK EASYSHARE DX4530 Zoom Digital Camera

  • Article Description: Do you have pieces of paper, snips of trim and other craft scraps left over from another project? Alter a matchbox into a personalized party favor your guests will adore.

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