Sunday, August 29, 2004

Book Review - Origami by Anne Akers Johnson

Origami by Anne Akers JohnsonOrigami
Review By Kaitlyn R. Bayne, Paper Crafts Contributing Writer
Klutz Press; Spiral edition (2003)
ISBN: 1570549974
Hardcover; 88 pages

Anne Akers Johnson's book "Origami" teaches anyone how to creatively fold paper into animals, boxes, stars and airplanes. Each project has step-by-step instructions and illustrations for each fold. The instructions are easy to follow and very descriptive. The book is easy to use because it has a spiral binding that allows you to fold the pages out of the way.

My favorite projects include the secret letter, penguin, star box, rabbit/bunny, frame, parrot, frog, seal, and magic star. The "most challenging" folds -- the frog and the magic star -- are fairly easy. I didn’t enjoy doing the airplane because it is kind of lame.

My gripe about the projects is that they aren’t unique to this book, like I thought Klutz would be. As a teenager who does paper crafts, I have seen these origami folds in many other places because they are fairly common. Young children, and others with no paper folding experience, would enjoy this book more.

Each project has humorous background pictures corresponding to each project. The illustrations, however, are hard to see and should be a little bigger with more detail.

The book and paper set includes lots of paper, enough to do all the projects with extras. The papers are very colorful but the patterns are like wallpaper from the 70’s. I think there should be more plain colored papers and perhaps more modern patterns. In its next printing of the book, Klutz should include a bone folder for tight corners and crisper paper folds.

In summary, if you have done origami before, forget this book. But, if you need a good introduction, this is an excellent and entertaining primer.

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  • Article Description: A review of the spiral-bound hardcover "Origami" by Anne Akers Johnson, published by Klutz Press.

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