Saturday, May 15, 2004

Technique - Enhance Your Art with Glitter Lace Paper

Make beautiful glittery paper from left-over stickers or mailing labels. Imagine the possibilities!

In a recent collage swap, someone included a scrap of ecru-colored fabric lace. I was happy for this trade because I had wanted to play around with a masking technique using lace, sticker paper and glitter. I've seen this demonstrated at several crafts shows and in classes. I'll illustrate it for you here now. ~ by Kim M. Bayne

Materials & Tools List
  • Scrap Piece of Fabric Lace

  • Fine Glitter in Ruby (Red) and Silver, like Art Accentz Microfine Sparklerz Glitter, by Provo Craft

  • Sticky-Back Paper, like Mailing Labels or Unwanted Bumper Stickers

  • Paper Trimmer, like Fiskars 12" Portable Paper Trimmer Item #95987097

  • Sizzix Personal Die-Cutter Machine

  • Tag Die, like the Sizzix Die for Tags #38-0236

  • Gather materials for making glitter paper
    Some of the Supplies You'll Need

    The Steps
    (Click to enlarge each image. Another browser window will open.)

    1. Cut your sticker paper to the desired size, depending on your project.
    cut your sticker paper

    2. Pick a surface in an area where you can contain the glitter. A small box is helpful. I often use the top of a file folder box because it's the perfect size. I slip in a letter-sized sheet to catch glitter as needed.

    3. Peel the backing off your sticker paper. Now place the scrap of lace directly on the sticky side. Push down around the lace to make sure it sticks firmly -- you don't want any glitter to creep underneath the lace and spoil your design.
    Place lace on sticker

    4. Sprinkle ruby red glitter on top of the lace. The exposed areas of the label will pick up the micro fine glitter while protecting the covered areas.
    Sprinkle glitter

    5. Brush away the excess glitter. You're almost halfway there!
    Brush away the excess glitter

    6. Slowly peel the lace from the sticker paper.
    Peel the lace from the sticker

    7. Sprinkle silver glitter on top of the sticker paper.
    Sprinkle the silver glitter

    8. Brush away the excess silver glitter and take a look. You have a beautiful piece of glittery, lace-like paper.
    beautiful piece of glittery lace-like paper

    9. Using a tag die, like the Sizzix Die for Tags, cut the glitter lace paper into a tag shape. Now you can add your beautiful tag to gift packages, greeting cards, altered books or collage creations. Cutting tags is but one idea! Send me an email and tell me what you've done with your glitter lace paper.
    cut the glitter lace paper into a tag shapeglitter lace paper in purple and silver

    Project Tips
  • After each glittering step, use your fingers to press down on the glitter to make sure it sticks to the paper.

  • Use a small spoon to sprinkle just a spot of glitter in an exact place on your sticker paper.

  • Experiment with different colors of glitter to see what you like best. Avoid combinations of dark colors -- like dark purple and blue -- you won't be able to see the lace-like pattern.

  • Try using pieces of sticker paper as a border around a rubber stamped, embossed or photocopied image. After the sticker paper is in place, add the glitter around your image.

  • glitter paper surrounds photos in an altered book
    Glitter Paper Surrounds Photos
    glitter lace paper makes a great covering for a pocket shrine
    Glitter Lace Paper Covers an Altered Matchbox

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  • Most project photos on this page were taken with a 5.0 MP resolution KODAK EASYSHARE DX4530 Zoom Digital Camera

  • Article Description: Make beautiful glittery paper from left-over stickers or mailing labels. Imagine the possibilities!

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