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Video/DVD Review - Stamp Art with MaryJo McGraw

Stamp Art Inspirations with MaryJo McGrawStamp Art Inspirations with MaryJo McGraw
Director: Suzanne Lamar
Studio: PageSage
Format: NTSC, Color, 108 minutes
DVD Release Date: May 2003
Review by Kim M. Bayne

If you're just discovering rubber stamping, check this out. This DVD includes step-by-step instructions and cool projects for the budding rubber stamper. It contains great ideas for veteran stampers, too.

For starters, host MaryJo McGraw clarifies the three differences in inks -- dye, pigment and solvent/permanent ink -- then she recommends which ink brands to buy for cost-savings. The helpful demonstration on how to use bottled re-inkers, to breathe new life into spent pads, is well worth the price of the video alone.

In her introduction, MaryJo explains that lessons are geared to non-specific products. She has her favorites, featured throughout the video and in the Extras segment, and she recommends a few brands in order to get certain desired results. MaryJo's bonding agent of choice is Diamond Glaze, but she does highlight PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) or another "clear glue medium" as acceptable choices. In each lesson, MaryJo is very conscientious about re-emphasizing which products to use, whether brand-name or generic.

For the finger-painting kid in you who loves to work wet, you'll like MaryJo's approach. She uses her bare fingers to apply glue, and sometimes ink, to just about everything. Tape lovers need not fret -- MaryJo recommends double-stick tape for paper-to-paper applications, which she says "holds up very well long term."

The artist works her rubber stamp magic (on matte card stock, poly paper, acrylic, shrink plastic, mica tiles, and so on) to create interesting looks for handcrafted rubber stamped treasures. Sometimes crafts elements overlap -- Catalina Tiles were featured first alone then later, as part of the project on Mini Books.

If you prefer the multi-sensory approach to learning, you'll be glad to know boxes on the screen appear frequently, offering tips and insights into using specific products and tools. During a Mini Book gluing demonstration, on-screen text cited plastic wrap as helpful in preventing glue from sticking to unwanted areas.

MaryJo offers excellent tips for budget-minded crafters, as well. In the Catalina Tiles project, the on-screen text noted a cereal box as a substitute for chipboard. On occasion, these text boxes clarify MaryJo 's casual comments, too.

While viewing, just relax and forget about taking notes. MaryJo's style is easy-going and easy-to-understand. Plus, the inside cover of the DVD label insert contains a complete outline of all of the supplies needed, segmented by project.

Finally, the nicest feature about viewing MaryJo's projects on DVD, instead of the now-traditional videotape, is the interactivity. The DVD includes a sample artwork gallery that allows viewers to jump directly to the associated technique. For me, the DVD made it easy to just click to the exact project I wanted to tackle.

DVD Project Outline:
• Ink Basics
• Glazing with Glue
• Quick Collage
• Collage Veneer
• Glazed Metallics
• Faux Fresco
• Catalina Tiles
• Quick Cards
• Heirloom Cards
• Mini Book

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