Monday, January 19, 2004

Project - Make a Rustic Western Paper Tag

Colorado Cowboy Western Tag Art
Colorado Cowboy Western Tag Art (click to enlarge)

Tag #2: Colorado Cowboy:
This tag was inspired by actor Bruce Bayne (Yes, he's related!), as he posed for a Western publicity shot in Cripple Creek, Colorado. I like this tag so much, I decided to host a paper crafts tag swap titled "Old West Artsy Tags". ~ Article by Kim M. Bayne

Starting with a dark brown handmade textured paper tag, I added the following items in order:
• Light brown tag, cut from a Bruegger’s coffee sleeve using a tag cutter and die
• Ink jet printed color photo of my cowboy, cropped with scissors to fit the frame (see next item)
• Corrugated frame, cut from a Cinnabon coffee sleeve, using a square paper punch and scissors
• Torn piece of brown paper from old paper press kit folder
• Brass star charm
• Aluminum pistol charm
• Piece of brown lightweight crafts mesh, wrapped around the tag and taped on the back
• Piece of thin twine, tied and looped to resemble a lasso
• Three old shirt buttons
• Star-shaped brass paper clip, tied into the fibers
• Fibers on the top of the tag include a thin piece of black necklace cord and a wonderful selection of classic brown, tan and white yarns from the sarabooks™ Fibers & Key Collection (Note: Check your local store for these new fibers!)

Tag Art in This Series
• "Night on the Town"
• "Colorado Cowboy"
• "Love and Kisses - Letters from the Heart."

Product Resource Guide
• Project photos taken with a 1.31 megapixel Olympus D-460 Zoom digital camera
• Shop for stickers at eSticker
• Find discount art supplies and craft supplies at

Article Description: Bring out the cowpoke in you or a friend. Attach a picture to a paper tag for a unique mini-collage right from the O.K. Corral.

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