Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Product Round-Up - Paper Crafts Goodies To Die For

While browsing paper crafts magazines and visiting crafts shows, I came across some cool tools and products that I wanted to share with you, along with some ideas on how to use them. Check these out:

Magnet Tape: This struck me as a great way to get a new look continuously from my coffee table art. By attaching a piece of scrap ferrous metal to the cover of an altered book or journal, I can make movable embellishments using magnet tape. Just cut or tear off a piece of magnet and stick it to the back of a photo, tag or letters and watch while house guests have fun during a get-together. Hint: Keep a digital camera nearby to record your friends' creativity. I like to work with a magnet tape roll that's about .75 inch wide, but you can find them in half-inch widths, too. No matter, there’s plenty of length for several projects. For more info, go to Amazon.com.

MyBook – The Adaptable Planner: Ever look back and wonder what you were doing the week you created a certain project? What inspired you to use a certain paper crafts technique or explore a certain theme? MyBook can help. With its blank and calendar pages, it’s a great way to combine journaling, scrapbooking and altered art into one. And you can work on it all year long while you note your activities at the same time. MyBook has see-through covers and archival pockets, so use it to store theatre tickets and other memorabilia. It comes in two sizes (Small 4" x 6"; Large 6" x 8"). Included are ink jet inserts that enable you to print digital art or just add three dimensional tags, letters, and pictures to the pages to make it truly a one-of-a-kind creation. Rubber stampers and scrapbook fans will love this planner, too. For more info, go to mybookplanner.com.

Paper Tagger: This handheld plastic gun uses those thin plastic tabs you see on retail store apparel, but with a twist – the tabs are colored. Use it to attach letters, tags, soft charms, and whatnot to your altered books or other paper arts projects. One nice thing is that you can just as easily remove embellishments attached with this tool, should you ever change your mind or want to revamp a project. The needle is extra fine so you shouldn't have to worry about holes left from moving items around. A starter set comes with the gun, 1000 tagger tails, assorted eyelets, charms and tags. By the way, it won a Craft and Hobby Association Innovations Award. For more info, go to aroundtheblockproducts.com

Castaway Stamp Pad: This winter, I’ve been experimenting with several different techniques for creating snowflakes on paper. Well, here’s the best way I’ve seen yet. With this product, you can change the color of your colored paper by applying heat. First stamp your snowflake design on colored paper using the special inkpad then simply run over your paper with a heated iron. Just like magic, the color in the stamped area fades away and you have the soft, subtle look of a winter snowfall. I'm so glad I don't have to tolerate those smelly and messy bleach incidents anymore. And the results with the Castaway are more dramatic than using clear embossing powder. I don't have to wait for the paper to dry, either. For more info, go to jacquardproducts.com.

That’s it for my paper crafts product round-up. Do you have products you can't live without? Share the wealth and tell a friend.

Article Description: While browsing paper crafts magazines and visiting crafts shows, I came across several cool tools and innovative products that I wanted to share with you.

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