Thursday, April 01, 2004

Tips and Tricks - Digging Up Free Art Supplies

Tips and Tricks - Digging Up Free Art Supplies
by Kim M. Bayne

I'm often asked about being a "pack rat." The term comes up when I talk about how I gather my art supplies. For example, I'm an avid dumpster diver. I lie in wait for my next-door neighbor to take out his trash then secretly rummage through his discards to find materials for assemblage.

Last week, while picking through broken egg shells and rotten cabbage, I came across a used toothbrush. I thought, "How could someone throw away something so incredibly valuable?" I hid the treasure in my pocket and sneaked back to my house as fast as I could.

The next thing you know, I'm listing the toothbrush on eBay under the heading "Altered Art Collage Pack." Twenty-seven people bid on it, with the final auction price ringing up a whopping $275.87. And to think my neighbor thought his discarded personal hygiene implement was mere junk.

Okay, I'm sure you're thinking I've lost it by now. Yep, gotcha! It's .

Have a fun day...and don't take anything too seriously.

Summary: Learn how to turn stained t-shirts, broken plastic spoons and belly button lint into art findings that you can sell for millions.

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